Kristy Yang’s deep commitment to public service goes back to her law school days, and was readily apparent to me and her other professors. Kristy has a first-rate legal mind and an ideal judicial temperament: scrupulously fair, with sound judgment and an ability to listen to all sides. I cannot imagine a better-qualified candidate for judge.
— David Schwartz, Professor of Law, University of Wisconsin Law School
After meeting with Ms. Kristy Yang, I can clearly see why she is the most qualified candidate for Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge in Branch 47. Ms. Yang is intelligent, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. She has had a successful career as a lawyer in private practice and will make a great County Judge. I encourage the voters to vote Yang for Branch 47 in April.
— John R. Hohenfeldt, Mayor of the City of Cudahy
Kristy Yang has the depth and breadth of professional, legal and life experiences to serve Milwaukee County well. She is a mediator and has experience as a neutral party resolving difficult issues. Kristy has the temperament to be a fair and impartial judge in any matter that might come before her. I endorse and fully support Kristy for Milwaukee Country Circuit Court Judge.
— Dr. Luis "Tony" Baez
Kristy is prepared and ready for the bench, which is demonstrated by the many accolades she has received in her years of practice. Her eight years of legal practice belies her competency and ability. She is well-regarded in the legal community and is known to be a hard worker. In and out of the courtroom, she has demonstrated an ability to understand complex issues and maintains a temperament that will serve her well on the bench. I support Kristy Yang for Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge, Branch 47.
— Carl Ashley, Judge, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Branch 22 *This statement of support is not a solicitation of campaign funds
Cindy and I have endorsed Kristy because as Jews her story resonates with us. Like Kristy, our grandparents were refugees, like Kristy, our families proudly embraced their new home. She has wisdom that belies her years, she shows good sense and calm where others would become angry. She is whip smart, a seasoned attorney and someone in whose accomplishments we can take pride. When Kristy wins, she will be the second Hmong judge in the US and the first elected female Hmong Judge. Currently about 83% of the judges on the Milwaukee County bench are white. Kristy will add much needed diversity. Join Cindy and me in making history.
If you would like to join us by contributing to this important race kindly go to
— Jerry and Cindy Benjamin

Elected Officials:

Stephen Scaffidi, City of Oak Creek Mayor
State Senator Chris Larson
State Senator LaTonya Johnson
State Representative Mandela Barnes (former)
State Representative Barbara Notestein (former)
Supervisor Marcelia Nicholson, 5th Dist.
Annie Woodward, 4th Dist., Milwaukee Board of School Directors
Larry Miller, 5th Dist., Milwaukee Board of School Directors
State Representative Jon Richards (former)

Dan Bukiewicz, 2nd Dist. Alderperson, City of Oak Creek
State Representative Jonathan Brostoff
State Representative Frederick P. Kessler
Supervisor Jason Haas, 14th Dist.
Cavalier Johnson, 2nd Dist. Alderperson, City of Milwaukee
Supervisor John F. Weishan, Jr., 16th Dist.
Terry Falk, 8th Dist., Milwaukee Board of School Directors
Supervisor David L. Sartori, 8th Dist.
State Representative David Crowley


Judges and Commissioners:

Hon. JoAnne Kloppenburg, Dist. IV Court of Appeals Judge
Hon. Marshall B. Murray, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge
Hon. Daniel A. Noonan, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge (Retired)
Hon. Susan Callies, Ass’t Family Court Commissioner
Hon. Nancy L. Sturm,  Ass’t Family Court Commissioner
Administrative Law Judge Leonard Martin, Wisconsin Dept. of Workforce Development
Hon. Michael D. Guolee, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge (Retired)
Hon. Paul Van Grunsven, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Joan F. Kessler, Dist. I Court of Appeals Judge
Hon. Kitty K. Brennan, Dist. I Court of Appeals Judge
Hon. Carl Ashley, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge
Hon. Frederick C. Rosa, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge
Hon. Francis T. Wasielewski, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge (Retired)
Hon. Ana Maria Berrios-Schroeder, Family Court Commissioner, Milwaukee County
Hon. Joseph D. Frinzi, Ass’t Family Court Commissioner (Retired)
John Barrett, Clerk of Circuit Court/Register in Probate/Director of Court Services
Hon. Paul Van Grunsven, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge


Labor Unions:

International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council #7

AFSCME Council 32

ATU Local 998

Milwaukee Area Labor Council, WI AFL-CIO


Women Lead

Community Leaders:

Joyce Ellwanger
Julilly Kohler
Peter J. Holbrook
James M. (Buddy) Robinson IV
Dale Nook
William Harrell
Todd Robert Murphy
Charles Vang
Felita Daniels Ashley
Corrine Bultman
Chris Her-Xiong
Larresa Taylor
Dr. Ma M. Yang
Patrick Clemens
Misty Yang
Chad Chimeng Yang
Jean Yang
Mai Lee
Mayhoua L. Moua
Phoun Say Thao
Dao Vang
Tou Bee Yang
Caleb Jung
Der Yang Cha
Russell Cha
Kathy Cha
Long Thao
Edward Robinson
Chue Vang
Fue Yang
Xay Tong Moua
Seng V. Lo
See C. Xiong
Cherkao Vang Sayaovong
Nhia Pao Xiong
Kue Yang
Andy Thao
Debra A. Anderley
Tom Yang
Chong Neng Xiong
Chong Houa Vue
Ahmee Vang
Cher Ya Xiong
Pada Cha
Chai Vang Thao
Troy Johnson
Marna Tess-Mattner
Barbara Becker
Gloria & Ed Weiskotten
George Morrison
Caleagh Larson
Joel McElree
Brandon Jubelirer
Michael Gordon
Lorna Young
Steven Cupery
Ruth Irvings
Pat and Tony Busalacchi
Allan Kurth
J.C. Schmidt
Alan Goldberg
Blia Vang
Newzone Lee
Chong Lo
Mai Lee
Jessica Carpenter
Norma Barrientos
Lynne Milner
Pat Bachhuber
Tom Bachhuber
Dom Newman
Gretchen Miller
Julie Granger
Lisa Pieper
Becky Steimle
Malcolm Woods
Jill Eder
Michael Mazur

Rev. Joseph Ellwanger
Alexander Lasry
Jerry Benjamin
Janan Najeeb
Carl Mueller
Spike Bandy
Michael Morales
Elmer Moore, Jr.
Kelly Renz
Rick Vang
Mayyer Thao
Michael W. McCarthy
Leticia Smith
Catherine Miller
Chai Crystal Yang
Tom Gauthier
Charles Lee
Cinda Vang
Ger Yang
Ho Cheng Jung
Houa Yang
John R. Buckson
Kabao Yang
Kelly Yang
Kitan Vang
Fue Shoua Thao
Lisa Yang
Lor Xiong
Mai Xiong Yang
Mao Xiong Sayaovong
May Choua Thao
Mayyer Thao
Neng Zong Moua
Pa Lor Xiong
Pataue Lee
Kong Yang
Paul A. Anderley
Pobtsuas Thao
Blia Yang
Saishoua Yang
Amanda Lor
Thomas Yang
Thor Xiong
Choua Yang
Vang Neng Yang
Cha Tro Lo
El Tucker
Daniel A. Kerns
Carl Quindel
Doris Appelbaum
Banessa Treis
Jean Yang
Tynnetta Jackson
Doris Applebaum
Pang Yang Her
Zach Eastburn
Sam Guerrero
Marla Delgado-Guerrero
Julia Her
Macy Vang
Pada Her
Norma and Percy Duckworth
Jef Lee
Shawn Lee
Ge Yang
John Yang
Bob and Lois Brazner
Diane Mantei
Louisa Gallas
Dean Sperry
Moya Mowbray
Laura Lutter Cole
Jeff & Diane Roznowski
Julie Henszey
Maureen Badding
Keith Schmitz
Benjamin Gerard


Atty Barbara Quindel
Atty Michael F. Hupy
Atty David A. Krutz
Atty Edward Robinson
Atty Ulice Payne, Jr.
Atty Patrick Knight
Atty Jeffrey Sweetland
Atty. Robert C. Mendard
Atty Morgan J. Tilleman
Atty David Iancu
Atty Lindsey Burghardt
Atty Pamela R. Resnick
Atty Thomas Kurzynski
Atty Shawn Thao
Atty James Brzezinski
Atty Christopher Shattuck
Atty Mary E. Leonard
Atty Geoff Seufert
Atty Kent A. Tess-Mattner
Atty Kathryn M. Aldrich
Atty Ryan Farrell
Atty Matt Ackmann
Atty Amesia Xiong
Atty Susan Scott
Atty Yeng Lee
Atty Katherine Charlton
Atty Stephanie Benske
Atty Susan Scott
Atty Chong Vang
Atty DeAngela Luna
Atty Richard Saks
Atty MaiVue Xiong
Atty Julie Whitney
Atty Gregg Bridge
Atty Doug Dehler
Atty Ben Roovers
Atty May Yia Yang
Atty Nancy Vue
Atty Katherine J. De Lorenzo
Atty Latrice Milton
Atty Kate McChrystal
Atty Kou T. Xiong
Atty Andy Barragry
Atty Michelle R. Wagner
Atty Sarah C. Whiting
Atty Krysta Rae Kennedy
Atty R.L. McNeely
Atty Tarena W. Franklin
Atty Annabelle Vang
Atty Theodore Spyres
Atty Jonathan Sacks
Atty Martin P. Gagne
Atty Eamon Guerin
Atty Lauren Maddente
Atty Stephanie Ziebell
Atty Kathleen Martin
Atty Laura Kwaterski
Atty Sarah Sargent
Atty Renee A.R. Nawrocki
Atty Karen M. Bauer
Atty Judy O'Connell
Atty Stephen B. Strnad
Atty Ted A. Wisnefski
Atty Kevin B. Dunn
Atty Julie Darnieder
Atty Peter L. Coffey
Atty Elizabeth N. Larson
Atty Melanie J. Reichenberger
Atty William C. Gleisner, III

Atty Timothy Hawks
Atty Mark L. Thomsen
Atty David M. Lucey
Atty Michael C. Lueder
Atty Jason F. Abraham
Atty Ronald E. Jacquart
Atty David Karp
Atty Amy Shapiro
Atty Walter F. Kelly
Atty Mark Darnieder
Atty Leslie A. Gutierrez
Atty Christopher Stawski
Atty Tina Matic
Atty Harvey Held
Atty Christopher Kuechler
Atty Ayame D.C. Metzger
Atty Christy Brooks
Atty Cynthia Hernandez
Atty Daniel Schoshinski
Atty Amy Hetzner
Atty Eric Hart
Atty Jan Eder
Atty Jeff Perzan
Atty Jessica Roulette
Atty John K. Conley
Atty Kristina Cervera Garcia
Atty Lisa Bangert
Atty Margaret E. Murphy
Atty Matthew Underwood
Atty May Lee
Atty Michelle L. Velasquez
Atty Patrick Jennings
Atty Paulette Brazil
Atty Shannon Corallo
Atty Mai Der Yang
Atty Vue Yang
Atty Yer Vang
Atty James Jaskolski
Atty Linda Ivanovic
Atty Jessica Butler
Atty Paul A. Maranan
Atty Jody L. Usow
Atty Michael Sosnay
Atty Odalo J. Ohiku
Atty Benjamin W. Jonas
Atty Ruth J. Irvings
Atty Leonard Martin
Atty Jeanne Bell
Atty Sonya Bice
Atty Katryna Childs Rhodes
Atty Bryan Blake
Atty Wyatt D. Dittburner
Atty Jon Richards
Atty Avery Mayne
Atty Hannah Jahn
Atty Nicole Penegor
Atty Karen Bauer
Atty Jeunesse Rutledge
Atty Linda Grady
Atty Thomas J. Marola
Atty Carlton D. Stansbury
Atty David A. Blumberg
Atty Barbara Becker
Atty Samantha K. Levihn
Atty Joyce A. Gosnell
Atty Danielle Bergner
Atty Joseph P. Serge
Atty Eric H. Rumbaugh
Atty Andrew Locke